About us

  • The company JAMP, Ltd.

  • was established on 24th October 1994.
  • With own enterprise activity JAMP started in old rented premises. Since its establishment JAMP has been focused on its cooperation with leading domestic and in particular foreign business partners. Thanks to its long-term experience in the area of mechanical part production, the company management succeeded in a step by step establishment of a new, progressive company which at present operates in own premises with more than 100 employee with a sales owner 2 mil €.a year.
  • The present company programme comprises own products as well as deliveries of various parts and subassemblies for customers in automotive, food and pharmaceutical industry, in railroad transportation and defectoscopy. The company management is operating in accordance with principles of ISO 9002. In order to meet requirements of special applications the company has acquired the reqested certifications. In the area of the West Slovakia JAMP ranks as one of best engineering companies with good reputation abroad.